I offer different types of training to suit most needs/situations : 

One to One Training

Weekend Training

Group Training

Residential Training (Take the dog in for training for an agreed period of time)

Specific Training (Work on certain issue/problems)

Basic Obedience

Shooting/Game Experience (September-January)

It may be that training dogs is an art, or possibly a skill, perhaps it's a combination of both.   But, to get the best out of a dog it requires dedication, immense patience and above all a carefully structured training programme.

The training programme is based on a one to one relationship with the dog using an established commonsense approach, always looking to identify different temperaments.  Then, using a host of tried and tested strategies to train, develop and get the best possible from the dog.

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up to 6 month

During this period a lot of time is spent with the dog developing the bond and achieving three key objectives.


    Walking on the lead 

short times to start extending them as the puppy gets older.


Initial introduction to water but only when it's not too cold.


6months to 1 year

Now the real work starts.

    Walking at heal on and off the lead.


Learn to sit and stay.


Begin to enjoy fetching the dummy.


More introductions to water where they are encouraged to swim.


The training is always made interesting for the dog by using different places, introducing new people, animals and smells.


Depending upon progress of the dog work would be started on the "go back" command towards the end of this period.


1 to 2 years

    Start introducing more commands whilst improving the basic work that has been done so far.

    Introduction of whistle and voice commands such as "get on"

    Introduction of body commands to point the dog left or right

    Introduction to fence and wall jumping using the command "get over"

    More swimming training to swim across rivers and lochs.

    Between 2 - 3 years the dog should be fully trained and able to start running in trials.